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  • At what age can my child begin attending classes?
    ADFA is proud to offer classes for Ages 2 and up!
  • What should I expect the first week of classes?
    1.) Our receptionist will greet your dancer at the front desk, and help direct them to their class. 2.) The halls may be crowded the first few weeks of classes! This will settle down! In the midset of Covid-19, please remind your dancer to practice social disctancing at the studio. 3.) Like school, the first couple weeks of class are a review. This helps to make the students comfortable and gives the teachers the opportunity to see if the students are in the correct class.
  • Does my child's name need to be on their belongings?
    YES! Please label all shoes, dancewear, dance bags, water bottles, etc. with your child's name. This ensures that if any item is left behind, the ADFA staff can return it to the owner!
  • Is there a place for my child to do their homework if they have a break in between classes?
    YES! ADFA has an area upstairs designated specifially for students to study and work on their homework!
  • How do I get in touch with my child's teacher?
    Please email the studio in order to reach your child's teacher. We ask that you not attempt to catch an instructor in between classes. The class schedules are very tight, and the instructors want to be sure to give the proper attention to any questions or concerns you may have!
  • Does my child have to already be enrolled at ADFA in order to attend a summer camp or workshop?
    No! Students do not have to have any previous association with our studio in order to attend our summer programs. In fact, we think our summer camps and workshops are a GREAT way for dancers to try out ADFA and decided if they would like to attend classes with us during the regular dance season.
  • Can my child attend an ADFA summer camp even if they do not have dance shoes?
    YES!! For themed camps, dance shoes are not required, but may be brought if the child likes.
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